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  Never miss your morning meeting, or favorite
radio station, no matter where you travel.
TimeTuner® lets you set your alarm to one of
more than 30,000 international radio stations,
your favorite song, or an iPod playlist. It also
features a backup alarm, time-zone support
and much more.
appstore TimeTuner is the most full featured radio alarm clock for the iPhone and iPod touch and is now available on the App Store
  International Radio by RadioTime®
Incredible selection of over 30,000 radio
stations from around the world, all
updated in real time.
  Full iPod Integration
Go to sleep or wake up to any of your
iPod playlists. Or set an individual song
to be your wake up alarm sound.
  Location Aware
Time settings adjust automatically
when you travel, and local radio stations
are always at your fingertips.
  Unique Sleep Timer Scroll Bar
A scrollable time bar that lets you set
your sleep time from 1 minute to 2 hours.
  Assignable Presets
Four easily accessible presets on the
home screen which can be assigned to
any radio station or iPod playlist for
one-touch access to your favorite audio.
  Fail-Safe Mode
If the radio station stream you’ve chosen
for your wake-up alarm is not available
when your alarm goes off, a back up alarm
choice is automatically activated.
  Other Features      
  Alarm Tones by Aurua Sounds
Includes beautiful alarm tones custom designed by internationally acclaimed composer Miguel Kertsmzan.
Wake Up Any Way You Want
Choose your favorite song, iPod
playlist, radio station or custom
designed alarm sound.
Stream Anywhere
Intelligent radio streaming
chooses the best stream quality
for your Internet connection.
Dual Time Zone Support
Traveling outside your regular
zone? Always know what time
it is back home.
  Unlimited Alarms
Set alarms for different events or
days of the week, and give each
one a unique name.
Snooze Control
Snooze delay option for every
alarm created.
Night Mode
Adjustable dimmer allows you to
control display brightness.
Progressive Alarm Volume
Gradually increases your alarm
volume from soft to rousing.
  Vibrating Alarm (iPhone only)
Add vibration to your iPhone audio alarms.
Customizable Display
Choose what you want to see,
including home time zone, date,
and flashing seconds indicator.
Favorites and Recents
Keeps track of all your recent
selections. You can also assign
any station as a favorite to be
recalled at the touch of a button.
Pillow Speaker & Ear Bud Support
If you go to sleep with ear buds
or a pillow speaker the alarm will
still sound through the iPhone or
iPod touch speaker in the morning.
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